Al Majed Electromechanical Conytacting  

About Us

Al Majed  is a multi-disciplined engineering and fabrication company specializing in design , fabrication and Installation of Water Treatment plants and GRP (Glass Reinforced Piping) . We offer a comprehensive line of plant solutions for Water industries, Oil & Gas industries , electronics, chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, metals, mining, glass making, pulp and paper .

Our staff of international professionals has decades of experience designing and building packaged plants for applications all over the world — especially in developing countries and remote corners of the world.

Our Policy

We aim to produce in large quantities with European & American Technology to cater to the American and Middle East Markets. With our proven track record, we also aim to cut costs while delivering the best quality material to our customers for long life and trouble free operations. We keep our costs low and deliver high turnovers, thereby enabling us to produce over 15 Water Treatment Package per year.

We have some of the easiest Terms & Conditions among the Industry.