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Demineralization plants, Reverse Osmosis  system, EDI, Waste Treatment Plant, GRP Piping and Sewage Treatment Plant .

Modular plant packaging minimizes the scope of on-site installation work thus maximizing the overall quality level of the plant installation and minimizing total project cost, project cycle time and required in-site construction resources.

  • Demineralization Plants
    • 50 to 500 Nm3/hr of production
  • RO Plants
    • 200 to 1000 Nm3/hr of production
  • Waste Water Treatment  Plants
    • 100 to 400 Nm3/hr of production
  • Containerized RO System
    • Up to 200 Nm3/hr of production
    • Manual or fully automated control
  • GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic)